Child safety awareness - bullyingBullying is a problem that that no child should have to put up with, but in Australia, statistics reveal that one in six school children are bullied each week.

Children who are being bullied can do something about it. Here are some tips that might help:


  • You should realise that the kid/s who are bullying you aren't smart, even though they might think they are.
  • Try to avoid bullies, but don't make it too obvious.
  • Hang about in places where they don't go - the library for instance - While your'e there, you'll be learning while they're missing out.
  • Keep telling yourself that you're doing OK at school and try to concentrate on your studies.
  • Talk to a friend or a teacher about it.
  • Talk to your parents, and ask for their support.


Parents and teachers can help by firstly believing a child when they report bullying, and then supporting them.

Australian children can call Kids Help Line - a free, confidential telephone counselling service aimed at helping children deal with life's problems.

The number is 1800 55 1800 (Australia Wide) or visit their web site at


Safety Awareness Tip
Burns & Scalds
Sometimes you hurry and are under pressure. At these times accidents can happen. This is the time to skip unnecessary jobs or change your routine, such as:

  • Avoiding that 4.00-7.00pm kitchen chaos by feeding a toddler dinner at midday and something light you don't need to cook in the early evening. Perhaps the rest of the family can eat later once baby is safely in bed.
  • Occasionally give baby a wipe instead of a bath if you don't have the time to stay beside him/her.
  • For suggestions, talk to a maternal and child health nurse or the Safety Centre.